"If it can't be grown, it must be mined"

Natural resources are the foundation for our lives and lifestyles.

What would our lives be like without mining? Imagine a world without transportation such as jet planes or railroads, without communications such as cell phones or radar, without decorative items such as art or jewelry, without buildings such as skyscrapers or parking garages, without defense systems items such as missiles or submarines, without medical care items such as X-rays or surgical tools. We wouldn’t have any of these things without mining and minerals.

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Post-Mining Land Use

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Steve H. Dula, President and General manager, Hobet Mining Inc., a subsidiary of Arch Coal of West Virginia, presented a talk "A historic and operational perspective of post-mining land use" to the Fall 2002 joint meeting of the West Virginia coal Mining Institute and Central Appalachian Section of the Society of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. Mr. Dula presented examples of positive post-mining land uses and described some of them as follows:

Wise County Recreation AreaWest Virginia: Pete Dye golf course; Mr. View High School built in 1980; New Hope Village - homes for 70 families; Knights of Columbus Community Park built in the 1980's by Buffalo Coal Co.; Davis Cemetery; Robert Byrd High School built in the 1970's; Logan County Airport; City Hall; Weirton housing development and hospital; Anker Sports Complex; Twisted Gun Golf course; Hilltop hunting preserve; Beckley soccer Complex; Hatfield-McCoy Trail will have 3,000 center; and West Virginia Aqua Arctic Char are being raised in underground mine water from Mingo Logan Mine. 

Elk in the Mountains of east KentuckyKentucky: Regional airports - Big Sandy Regional Airport; Carroll Airport; Ford Airport; Ohio County Airport. Correctional facilities - Federal Correctional Institute; East Kentucky Correctional Complex; Medium Security Prison Knot County; Otter Creek Correctional Center; Juvenile Boot Camp. Government facilities - Clements Job Corp. Center; Army National Guard Training Center; U.S. Postal Service building; County Park building; six solid waste landfills; Hazard Amory; jail and state police barracks; veterans nursing home. Fish and wildlife - duck refuge areas; catfish farming; wildlife management area; wetland development; free ranging elk in the eastern mountains. Farms - Star fire project; Mapco/Moorehead agriculture center; Martin County Coal Corp. Farm; DNR Brangus Farm; Hawk Farm; livestock feed; chicken/brooder houses; avian farms. Industrial/commercial - electrical construction office and shop; electric utility operations center; industrial scrubber sludge disposal; explosive company; farm equipment; sawmill; recycling facility; blacktop concrete facilities; oil/gas facilities; cabinet factory; clay industrial park; coalfields industrial park; Honeybranch business company; uniform rental services; plastic injection molding company. R&R/Sports - baseball fields; golf courses; recreational park; Red Fox Resort; Stone Crest golf course; Wayland Park; recreational area and fishing lake; athletic facilities; fairgrounds; riding stables and trails.

Wise County Fairgrounds, VirginiaVirginia: St. Mary's hospital; Norton elementary school; flooring plant; Adams elementary school; county fairgrounds; Lonesome Pine airport; Veldon Dotson recreation and industrial park; Buchanan county park; Poplar Gap recreation area; Wal-Mart shopping center; Red Onion Prison; county landfill; Mountaintop Golf; Grundy Airport; reclaimed land with various uses including recreation, residential, airport.

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