"If it can't be grown, it must be mined"

Natural resources are the foundation for our lives and lifestyles.

What would our lives be like without mining? Imagine a world without transportation such as jet planes or railroads, without communications such as cell phones or radar, without decorative items such as art or jewelry, without buildings such as skyscrapers or parking garages, without defense systems items such as missiles or submarines, without medical care items such as X-rays or surgical tools. We wouldn’t have any of these things without mining and minerals.

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Garnierite is the generic name for a green Nickel bearing ore formed as a result of lateritic weathering of serpentine or other ultramafic rocks.  It is not an official mineral; however it is commonly referred to in mining. Garnierite dissolves in water.

Named after Jules Garnier, a French geologist, by a man named A. Liversidge in 1874.

See Nickel for more information.

Specific Gravity:


Color: Green


Garnierite is commonly sourced as fracture fillings of thin small veins or as coatings.  Its formation is the result of a groundwater deposition and subsequent alterations into less Nickel-rich and more clay-like occurrences.  It may also be the product of weathering or of syn-tectonic deposition.