About MEC

The Minerals Education Coalition’s (MEC) mission is to identify, produce and disseminate fact-based K-12 minerals education lessons and activities and to inform and educate the general public about the importance of mining in their everyday lives.

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MEC Spotlights

Iron in Our Electrical World, an 18-minute 40-second video, will be a valuable resource for high school teachers and students, as well as informative and entertaining for all others with an interest in science. See why iron is such a crucial component of the world of electricity, from electric guitars to Tesla cars to roller coasters!

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SME volunteers and staff have worked long and hard with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to develop the requirements, pamphlet, badge design and other collateral materials so that Boy Scouts across the United States will be exposed to the mining industry as they earn this new merit badge. 

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Mineral Resource Statistics

Each year, new minerals must be provided for every person in the World. We all rely on these minerals to be mined so that we can enjoy our lifestyles and health.


Each year, the “Minerals Baby” reminds all of us of the importance of minerals and other mined substances to our lives and lifestyles.  This year’s statistics reflect an increase of mined materials needed to provide for the average American born in 2012 with an expected lifespan of 78.7 years when compared with the previous year.  

Mineral Baby

Per Capita Use of Minerals

USGS Commodities