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The Minerals Education Coalition’s (MEC) mission is to identify, produce and disseminate fact-based K-12 minerals education lessons and activities and to inform and educate the general public about the importance of mining in their everyday lives.

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Mining 101 Presentation

Looking for an educational presentation on the importance of mining and minerals in everyday life? Mining 101 has been created for grades 5 - 12, but can be adapted to any grade by utilizing the extension activities and related MEC resources listed in the presentation.

Download the Mining 101 presentation here.

2015 Mineral Baby

Each year, new minerals must be mined to support our lives and lifestyles. The 2015 Mineral Baby shows examples of the 3.11 million pounds of minerals, metals and fuels the average American will need in their lifetime.

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Partner of the Month

07.11 – 24.13 Boy Scout Jamboree Event Photos


A young scout displays his grandfather's Mining merit badge.


"The Boy Scouts of America Geology merit badge began in 1911 as a mining badge - one of less than 30 scouting merit badges. The mining badge evolved into the rocks and minerals badge and in 1953 became the geology merit badge."
                                    - American Oil & Gas Historical Society

The new Mining in Society merit badge will be released February 2014.



Scouts pack into the 'Mining In Society' merit badge exhibit booth to learn about the importance of mining and minerals in their everyday lives.


David describes the uses of Personal Protection Equipment to attendees of the 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree.

A scout examines a respirator. 

Thank you to our volunteers who have made this possible. Pictured:

Session 1 Volunteer staff: Aaron & David

Session 2 Volunteer staff: AnnMarie, Chris, Pam, Mike, Brad, Louis, Nathan, Tom, Nicholas (missing from photo: Mike)

Thank you to our volunteers who have made this possible. Pictured:

Session 1 Volunteer staff: Aaron & David

Session 3 Volunteer staff: Nate, Joe, RIchard, Eric, Steve, Richard, Karen


Preparing for the Boy Scouts and Venturers to arrive!


Teaching about conductivity and mineral properites.




Pam and scouts.


Aaron teaching scouts.



Mining In Society Merit Badge exhibit booth


The Consol Energy Wingtip Bridge, a 786-foot-long and 100-foot-tall span, will carry boy Scouts at this summer's National Jamboree to Action Point, an area where they can take in activities like zip lining, BMX and skateboarding.


Description from:



Below Consol Bridge, looking to the east to New River


Below Consol Bridge, looking west

The bridge's design is unique; there isn't another like it anywhere in the world. While its main deck is flat, two side paths wind high above and far below the main deck. 

Description from:




"The Boy Scouts are about 100 years old as of last year," said J. Brett Harvey, chairman and CEO of CONSOL Energy. "So, they have a great history, but they also have a great future as well. We see this bridge as a transition for the last 100 years to the next 100 years for the Boy Scouts."

CONSOL Energy donated $15 million for the project.

Boy Scout officials believe it will become an icon in the world of Scouting.

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Sustainable Treehouse


Attributes of the Sustainability Treehouse


ECHO lake and staff tents



Thanks, Freeport for the backpacks and water bottles!


Scouts at the show.



Bicycle poster in booth is associated with MEC's "Minerals in Your Life Mini-Lessons" to be released soon!

View mini-lessons for Cell Phone and Television.


Soccer poster in the booth is associated with MEC's Minerals In Your Life Mini-Lessons to be released soon!

View mini-lessons for Cell Phone and Television.



Discussion about the importance of mining and minerals in our everyday lives with Joe.


Last morning at the Summit, Boy Scout Jamboree 2013!